Louise English 2003 Shows including 'Annie The Musical', 'Bedside Manners' and 'Snow White'.













With Louise English as Anne

28 May to 7 June at the Theatre Royal Windsor

The wife of a successful children's author desperately wants a divorce from her abusive husband to allow her to marry her lover and have the children she has always longed for but which he has always denied her. When he refuses to give his wife a divorce partly out of spite, but also to protect his reputation, she and her lover plan the perfect murder. However, they have not taken into account the author's secretary, who has a plan of her own. Blackmail and revenge merge to give this play its final twist!

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With Louise English as Molly

William Douglas Home's hilarious comedy of liaison

9 June to 17 June at the Theatre Royal Windsor

After over twelve years of seemingly happy marriage to her somewhat older husband, Liz suddenly announces she has fallen for John and wants a divorce. Apparently acquiescing, Hugh says he will provide the grounds. Everything seems set for a calm passage until it turns out that the plan includes Hugh's pretty secretary Molly (played by Louise) as co-respondent and the action is to take place in their own home. A long-running West End hit!

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With Louise English as Vivien

18 June to 28 June at Theatre Royal Windsor

Film star Robert Drury and his wife Stella learn that their son has been kidnapped - not for money but to force them to allow one of the kidnappers to remain in their house. Two other men, supposedly police officers, arrive and reveal that one of the kidnappers has been murdered.  Soon, however, it is clear that these two are far from what they seem and that may mean trouble for ace reporter Vivien Norwood (played by Louise).

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With Louise English as Sally

 28 July to 6 September at the Pier Theatre Bournemouth

A traditional farce, Bedside Manners is the hilarious tale of  Ferris (John Inman)  who reluctantly agrees to look after his sister's seedy hotel during her temporary absence on holiday. He could not possibly foresee the wild comings-and-goings that were about to burst upon a single sunny evening in the Spring as two young couples descend, unsuspectingly, upon this hotel.

Roger has arranged an assignation with Sally (played by Louise), leaving his wife Helen at home to look after the goldfish, Sally leaving her husband Geoff to dig the garden. But Helen and Geoff are not at home. They have also made plans for a naughty weekend - together! And because Roger and Helen have both seen the same advertisement the two couples end up at the same hotel - each with the wrong partner.

When the mischievous Ferris discovers their guilty secrets, he soon becomes caught up in a dizzy round of lies, confusions and bewilderments as he tries to prevent the inevitable meeting of husbands, wives, and lovers in assorted compromising situations...It can only result in lots of mayhem, madness, and side-splitting comedy.

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With Louise English as Grace Farrell

8 September to 29 November UK Tour

Rave reviews for Louise

Louise English plays Grace Farrell "...with both charm and sophistication." — BBC Birmingham

"Louise English...sparkles as Grace Farrell." — Teesside Evening Gazette

"Louise English...plays Grace Farrell to perfection." — Grimsby Telegraph

"Louise English was grace itself." The Scotsman


Annie had a smashing run, selling out every show thanks in large part to Louise's outstanding performances.

Set against a Manhattan skyline in the era of the Great Depression, Annie the Musical follows the rags to riches story of an eleven year old orphan without a friend in the world who longs for her parents to rescue her from a New York orphanage and its mean tempered matron, Miss Hannigan.  Annie is offered the chance of a lifetime when billionaire businessman Oliver Warbucks decides to adopt her, but not before Miss Hannigan and her brother Rooster scheme to kidnap Annie and claim the reward money.

Louise starred as the lovely and warm-hearted Grace Farrell. Co-starring were Su Pollard as mean Miss Hannigan, Mark Wynter as Daddy Warbucks, and Lucy Barker and Faye Spittlehouse as the lovable orphan.

This wonderful musical features such classic songs as: "Tomorrow", "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile", "It's A Hard Knock Life", "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here", "NYC", "You Won't Be An Orphan For Long", and many more favourites.

Annie The Musical 2003 Tour Schedule: (The Week Of: Venue)

  • 30 July - 31 August: Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

  • 9 September: Theatre Royal Lincoln

  • 15 September: Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea

  • 23 September: The Orchard, Dartford

  • 7 October: Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

  • 20 October: Grimsby Auditorium

  • 27 October: Billingham Forum

  • 3 November: Theatre Royal Winchester

  • 10 November: Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

  • 17 November: Wycombe Swan Theatre

  • 25 November: Cork Opera House

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