Louise English stars as Alice in BLOCKBUSTER The Musical.




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Starring LOUISE ENGLISH as Alice

2014-2015 UK National Tour


We have all become accustomed to LOUISE starring in musical blockbusters, now she has starred in the world premiere of BLOCKBUSTER THE MUSICAL which featured the chart-busting hits of the legendary song-writing team Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who dominated the pop world in the 1970s and 1980s.  

LOUISE starred as Alice alongside Paul Nicholas as Max, Aaron Sidwell as Mickey and  Suzanne Shaw as Carol.

BLOCKBUSTER The Musical begins in 2014 with Mickey Block (Aaron Sidwell), a young busker, singing in London's Soho. Mickey has borrowed money to buy a car. Unfortunately he crashes it without insuring it and is now being pursued by Charlie Daz, a "loan shark" to whom he owes money. Taking refuge in Crazy Max's Retro Record shop, Mickey meets Max (Paul Nicholas), a mystical figure, who discovers Mickey has problems and tells him he can turn his life around if he performs two selfless deeds within seven days.

Nicholas in his dual role as Paul wants to become more than just good friends with neighbour Alice (Louise English) - a blinding cue for Smokie's Living Next Door To Alice.

With Charlie Daz in hot pursuit, Mickey has nothing to lose and agrees. Max tells Mickey to hide in the store's record booth and as Charlie Daz enters the shop, Max starts the booth spinning and transports Mickey back in time to London and 1975...Mickey is totally disorientated as he tumbles back in time and out of the storeroom cupboard of the main Hall of Ealing College.

Befriended by Carol (Suzanne Shaw), the lead singer of the college band, he also meets her less than reliable boyfriend Steve and Teresa, an Anti-Vietnam war activist.

Mickey is instantly smitten and he and Teresa find themselves falling in love. Steve has gambling debts and is about to be arrested for selling stolen cameras.

Things go from bad to worse when Teresa, while leading a demo outside the American Embassy, is kicked by a police horse and rushed to hospital in a coma.

Can Mickey help Teresa pull through and out of her coma? And can he help Carol and stop the police arresting Steve, the boy she loves? Mickey remembers Max's words, "Two Good Deeds Mickey".

Can Mickey fulfil his destiny and turn his life around or has time run out and will Max transport him back to 2014? All is revealed in BLOCKBUSTER The Musical...  

Joining LOUISE, Paul, Aaron and Suzanne on stage were: Blair Anderson, Michael Antony, Ami Atkinson, Grace Holdstock, Vickie Hoyles, Alim Jayda, Lee Honey-Jones, Tom Millan, Tom Murphy, Carla Nella, Rosie O'Hare, Micha Richardson and Ryan Ridley.  

BLOCKBUSTER The Musical was directed by Paul Nicholas with a book by David Soames, musical direction by Rob Wicks, set design by Julie Godfrey, costume design by Jonathan Lipman, lighting design by Nick Richings, sound by David Gates and choreography by Rebecca Howell for Paul Nicholas Productions.



  • 11-20 September: Orchard Theatre, Dartford
  • 22-27 September: Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
  • 29 Sept.- 4 October: Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon



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