Louise English has received many great reviews for her roles in Christmas pantomimes.





    Peter Pan:


    Snow White:




    Jack and the Beanstalk:


    Dick Whittington:


    Mother Goose:


    The Bells of Notre Dame:










    By Daniel Dawson

    Excerpted from It's Behind You (www.its-behind-you.com)

    26 January 2014


    Louise English was an excellent Fairy Godmother, and performed the song "It's Me" perfectly.

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    By Paul Vale

    Excerpted from The Stage (www.thestage.co.uk); 18 December 2013


    Louise English is a high-kicking, decidedly glamorous, cheery Fairy Godmother.

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    "Peter Pan At The Marlowe Theatre Arena"

    By John Nurden

    Excerpted from This is Kent (Herne Bay Times); 15 December 2009


    Surprise hit is West End singer and former Hill's Angel Louise English. Louise has an excellent voice and a nice line of comedy in her three roles as Mrs Darling, Mia the Mermaid and the Indian Chief Squatting Cow (cue many jokes about a brave called Passing Wind).

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    "Magical Show For The Family"

    Lincolnshire Echo

    8 January 2003


    Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's at Lincoln's Theatre Royal is a fairytale for all the family.


    The magical story is brought to life with enthusiasm and charm by a spirited and humorous cast that never fails to raise a laugh or a smile throughout the performance.


    The undoubted vocal talent of Jay Marcus, as Prince Rudolphe of Mauldane, is definitely a coup for this production. His voice would be at home in any major West End musical.


    Louise English as Snow White proves more than an equal match for the  prince's singing talent in their duet.


    As usual the spirit of the panto wins every time and the odd drop of line or impromptu fit of laughter adds to the charm of the experience which after all is designed purely as escapism to leave the audience with a smile on their faces.

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    "Snow White at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln"

    By Bernard Bale

    Excerpted from The Stage; 9 January 2003


    Louise English does a great job as Snow White. It takes a certain bravery to stage Snow White because one false move can lead to major disappointment but this production lives up to all expectations and hopes. This version of Snow White is surely the fairest of them all.

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     "Jack and the Beanstalk at  Hall for Cornwall, Truro"

    By Liz Hall

    Excerpted from The Stage; 4 January 2001


    Louise English captures the optimism and courage of the good natured Jack, and is the perfect foil for Graham Bill's wonderfully wicked and thoroughly revolting rotter Stinkwort.

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     "No chance of this fizzling out"

    Aladdin at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

    By Peter Tatlow

    Excerpted from The Stage; 23 December 1999


    Kate O'Mara is a voluptuous Genie who befriends an Aladdin amiably performed by Louise English, smiling her way stunningly throughout the role.

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    "Aladdin at Redhill"

    By Peter Tatlow

    Excerpted from The Stage; 24 December 1998


    Louise English plays the title role with charm and a warm personality. Her fast-moving dancing and singing are both first class.

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    "Jack and the Beanstalk at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill"

    By Peter Tatlow

    Excerpted from The Stage; 24 December 1997


    Leading are Louise English as a charming principal boy and Sarah Vandenbergh also acting with sincerity as Jill. They both sing the romantic songs with warmth.

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     "Jack and The Beanstalk at the Poole Arts Centre"

    By Christopher Day

    Excerpted from The Stage; 19 December 1996


    Louise English consistently projects vivacious sparkle in the principal boy role.

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    "The Bells of Notre Dame at Warehouse Theatre, Croydon"

    By Maureen Paton

    Excerpted from The Stage; 23 December 1993


     Louise English's Esmeralda is a kind of wholesome Dr Who girl.

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    "It's cool for cats"

    Dick Whittington at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

    By Peter Tatlow

    Excerpted from The Stage; 9 January 1992


    Louise English as Dick is the perfect principal boy. Always with a ready smile, she sang happily and played a real trouper. Her stage personality and rapport with the audience is tremendous.

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    "Snow White at The Strand"

    By Peter Hepple

    Excerpted from The Stage; 10 January 1991


    Louise English is a completely charming Snow White with a strong mothering instinct and a strong, clear singing voice heard both solo, in duet with her handsome prince, Chris Corcoran, and in chorus with the well-differentiated dwarfs.

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     "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

     Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth

    By Stan Sowden

    Excerpted from The Stage; 11 January 1990


    Bournemouth's first taste of a fairy story rather than a traditional pantomime has gone down very well, thanks to the skill and efforts of the cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Pavilion. Snow White is in the confident hands and voice of Louise English.

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    "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham"

    By Ann FitzGerald

    Excerpted from The Stage; 12 January 1989


    Louise English, as Snow White, sails serenely through all this, looking the part to perfection and managing to create a sense of wonder at the world of woodland animals and little people that she has wondered into.

    The most lively scenes (also with the best tunes, thanks to the film score) are those of Snow White with the dwarfs.

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    "Aladdin at Bournemouth Pavilion"

    By Stan Sowden

    Excerpted from The Stage; 15 January 1987


     The princess, Louise English, is pretty as a picture.

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    "Aladdin at His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen"

    By Hamish Mackay

    Excerpted from The Stage; 17 January 1985


    The English rose beauty of Louise English was just perfect for an engaging princess.

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     "Aladdin at Theatre Royal, Lincoln"

    By Ray Drury

    Excerpted from The Stage; 12 January 1984


    There were some glittering scenes to light up the eyes of the children on stage and in the audience, including Louise English as the Sultan's daughter.

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    "Mother Goose at Civic Hall, Camberley"

    By Will Godfrey

    Excerpted from The Stage; 20 January 1983


    Louise English, as Jill, has a beautiful voice. Attractive, bright as a summer's day and utterly captivating, she must surely be the epitome of what a principal girl has to be, and her routine with the children fully deserved its reception.

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